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Fun Fact


Like English verbs, we use various Japanese verbs in daily conversation. You can start to memorize common verbs which are often used in your daily life. Also, since some verbs are “Noun + (を)する (-do)” like 勉強する and 料理する, you can remember them more easily. In particular, some verbs include English-oriented words such as ショッピングする and シャンプーする, so they are super easy! Even if you don’t know how to say a verb in Japanese, you can try to say “English + (を)する” as a makeshift. Actually such verbs“English + (を)する” have been increasing in our daily conversation. Let’s see more examples…

  • インターネットする 

  • ゲームする

  • プログラミングする

  • ジョギングする

  • テストする

  • ドライブする

  • オーダーする

  • リピートする

  • リラックスする

However, please make sure to be careful about a few verbs...because a few words have different meanings from the original English words. They are so-called “Japanese-English”. 

For example, 

  • メイクする - To put on makeup

  • チャレンジする - To try (something), To do your best to do (something)

  • リベンジする - To win next time

  • カンニングする - To cheat 

  • ミスする - To make a mistake 

  • クレームする - To make complaints

Fun Activity: Let’s memorize Kanji with illustrations! 

Now let’s try to remember adjective Kanji linked to each illustration.

*Please take note that the following illustrations are based on my inspiration from Kanji shapes. (Often people find it easier to remember Kanji by using mnemonics).

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