Kanji Time Expressions

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Fun Facts:

As I explained about “Eto” in the culture article, Eto (干支) is so-called “Japanese Zodiac”, which is the old system used to tell time and directions. Here, let’s check more detail how to describe time with 12 animals.

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Nowadays, we hardly ever use “Eto” signs to tell time in daily life, so you can find them in classical Japanese literature. However, “午” (0:00 PM) is still used like “午前 = in the morning (AM)” , “正午 = noon” and “午後afternoon (PM)”. 


Fun Activity: Let’s memorize Kanji with illustrations! 

Now let’s try to remember color Kanji linked to illustrations each.

*Please take note that the following illustrations are based on my inspiration from Kanji shapes. (Often people find it easier to remember Kanji by using mnemonics).

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