Kanji Time Expressions

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Fun Facts:

As I explained about “Eto” in the culture article, Eto (干支) is so-called “Japanese Zodiac”, which is the old system used to tell time and directions. Here, let’s check more detail how to describe time with 12 animals.

Nowadays, we hardly ever use “Eto” signs to tell time in daily life, so you can find them in classical Japanese literature. However, “午” (0:00 PM) is still used like “午前 = in the morning (AM)” , “正午 = noon” and “午後afternoon (PM)”. 


Fun Activity: Let’s memorize Kanji with illustrations! 

Now let’s try to remember color Kanji linked to illustrations each.

*Please take note that the following illustrations are based on my inspiration from Kanji shapes. (Often people find it easier to remember Kanji by using mnemonics).

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