7 Days of the Week

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Fun Fact! 

Believe or not! When it comes to days of the week in Kanji, it shows similarity to European languages like English and Spanish. 


Why? It’s because Japanese people adopted the western custom (7-weekdays)! Simply speaking, a long time ago...the Romans named the days of the week after their gods and corresponded to the five known planets plus the Sun and Moon (which the Romans also considered planets).To this day, Romance languages (most familiarly Spanish, French, and Italian) and English still bear the mark of Roman day names. Alike, Japanese weekdays match up almost exactly with the zodiac/planetary names! Let’s compare...

< English - Planet (Symbol) - Japanese >


Monday = Moon: 月(つき) → 月曜日(ゲツヨウビ)


Tuesday = Fire/Mars: 火星 → Fire: 火(ひ) → 火曜日(カヨウビ)


Wednesday = Mercury: 水星 → Water: 水(みず) → 水曜日(スイヨウビ)


Thursday =  Jupiter: 木星 → Wood: 木(き) → 木曜日(モクヨウビ)


Friday = Venus: 金星 → Gold: 金(きん) → 金曜日(キンヨウビ)


Saturday = Saturn; 土星 → Dirt: 土(つち) → 土曜日(ドヨウビ)


Sunday = Sun: 日・陽(ひ) → 日曜日(ニチヨウビ)


Fun Activity: Let’s memorize Kanji with illustrations! 

Now you know the symbols for each day of the week, which helps to remember Kanji each! 


 Let’s start from 月 to 日! 








Day (of the week)*

*Bird observing the changing daily cycle (sun rise, breeze, etc.)

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