A) Which is more important, Vocabulary or Grammar?

It is a good question. Vocabulary is important, but without a solid foundation in grammar, you will not be able to create meaningful sentences and your conversations will sound unnatural beginner-like (you will be stuck in “tourist-level” Japanese).


Grammar is essential, but without a good vocabulary, you might not create your own sentences in real situations because your vocabulary is limited…


We believe you should try both our grammar courses and vocabulary lessons in “good balance”, although we recommend taking our grammar courses first - each lesson links to relevant vocabulary pages.


We have a lesson section (for grammar) and a dictionary section (for vocabulary). You can use both to improve your Japanese effectively.


B) I don’t like to learn complicated grammar…

Many people think Japanese grammar is difficult, but believe or not, Japanese grammar is simpler and more well-organized compared to English. In Japanese, grammar rules have less exceptions than in English!


In addition to this, we will introduce “the simplest rule” for each lesson for you to use easily by yourself.


Remember - without grammar rules, you can’t make sentences by yourself!

C) I like to watch Japanese Anime in order to learn Japanese!

Japanese Anime fans often become Japanese learners. They have some advantages because they will already know some Japanese expressions from Anime. However, usually expressions in Anime are very casual and even some of them don’t follow grammar rules…


At JAPANASU we have decided to mainly teach “standard formality” expressions which can be used for any occasion. We also teach casual expressions as well, so as to keep your Japanese current. As you might know, Japanese also has very formal expressions for business conversations called “Sonkei-go”, but we have decided not to teach this here at Japanasu.

D) What does Japanasu mean?


Hanasu means “to speak". Therefore, Japanese + Hanasu = JAPANASU (Speak Japanese)

About Us


Over the years we have created and refined a Japanese learning programme for English speakers which includes our own custom illustrations.


Through teaching this material for several years, it has been refined to what it is today - a fun, clear and practical way for English speakers to master Japanese conversation.