Kanji Natural Life

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Fun Facts:

Nature Worship

Japanese people have believed in all natural phenomena as “Gods”. Such “Nature Gods” are called “神 (Kami)” to distinguish from “Religious Gods”. Japanese people have worshipped various “神 (Kami)” all over Japan. People visit the shrines and places so-called “power spots” where people can appreciate spiritual power. They are popular destinations even for young people!   


As you might know, we celebrate a variety of seasonal events related to “Nature” and several Japanese holidays are based on “Nature”. 


For example, 

  • 春分の日 Vernal Equinox Day

  • みどりの日 Greenery Day

  • 海の日 Marine Day

  • 山の日 Mountain Day

  • 秋分の日 Autumnal Equinox Day


In the future…more nature holidays might be created like 桜の日 (Cherry Blossom  Day), 満月の日 (Full-Moon Day), 紅葉の日 (Autumn Leaves Day). What do you think?


Fun Activity: Let’s memorize Kanji with illustrations! 

Now let’s try to remember nature Kanji linked to each illustration.

*Please take note that the following illustrations are based on my inspiration from Kanji shapes. (Often people find it easier to remember Kanji by using mnemonics).

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