Kanji Numbers


( LEVEL - Beginner - N5 N4 N3 N2 N1 - Advanced )


Fun Activity: Let’s describe 一 to 十 with hands! 


You can find many ways to remember such basic numeral Kanji. 


Here, we would like to show a fun way to make kanji 一 to 十 with hands (fingers).


Let’s start! 

* 一 / 二 / 三: Use 1, 2, and 3 fingers each 


* 四: Make a heart shape (For you) with two hands and squeeze it to make“Four” 


* 五: Cross 3 fingers and 2 fingers 

* 六: Make a peace sign (with 2 fingers) and hold the wrist (with 4 fingers)  

* 七: Make a “L” shape and cross it in the middle with the other hand (it looks like the upside down of “7”) 

* 八: Use 8 fingers as if you put hands above a fire

* 九: Put hands facing each other and bend the right hand like bowing…”Thank You” 

* 十: Cross 10 fingers like a cross