Amabie-sama, please save us all!


“Every little bit may help…” people wish good health and healing to everyone in these hard times...A Japanese mythical spirit called “Amabie” has been in the spotlight as a savior!

< What is “Amabie”? Why is it called a savior? >

It is said that “Amabie” (three legged/long haired Mermaid) appeared in 1846, Edo-era, and said “if disease spreads, show a picture of me to those who fall ill and they will be cured.” Therefore, people believe in “Amabie” as a legendary creature for an epidemic.

In 2020...during this Coronavirus pandemic, we are paying attention to “Amabie” again and sharing the picture through Social media. More and more people believe “Amabie-power” all over the world! You can find various pictures of “Amabie”and share your favorite one with friends and family.

This is my version: Origami Amabie-sama! Please feel free to share this, if you like!

(If you want to make it yourself, please check this video.)

Stay safe!

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