Now sushi is popular all over the world, many people know about Japanese horseradish (so-called “wasabi”), which is past of strong-tasting green root! Wasabi has a unique hot flavor that stimulates the nose. Many children don’t like wasabi much because of its spicyness. On the other hand, some people are wasabi-lovers and describe such flavor as “wasaby” rather than “spicy” or “hot”.

If you don’t want wasabi with sushi, you can say “Wasabi-Nuki de onegaishimasu.” (I would like one without wasabi) “-Nuki (de)” means “without-” in this case.

Now wasabi is not only used with sushi as a spice but also for snacks and even sweets these days! For example, wasabi chocolate, wasabi soda drink, wasabi cookies, wasabi ice cream...etc. They have a perfectly nice balance of spiciness and sweetness!

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