“Ikigai” (生き甲斐: (生き) iki = life + gai(甲斐) = value or worth) is a Japanese concept and roughly translated “a reason for living” and “something that makes your life worth living”.

Japanese people believe that everyone should have “ikigai” in their precious life. Some people believe that “ikigai” might be the secret to Japanese longevity, which made “ikigai” a famous concept and the word “Ikigai” is now used around the world.

“Ikigai” is a subjective concept and will vary widely depending on the individual.

Where have you found your “Ikigai”?



Many people devote their free time to hobbies or interesting things. For example, people who found “ikigai” in their hobbies feel “I can’t live without their hobbies”. Also, a couple who are into the same hobby seem to keep a good and long relationship, so it is important for our life to have hobbies.


Some people find “ikigai” in their jobs and studies, but this may be more difficult than finding “ikigai” in their hobbies. Their objectives at work and at school can become their “ikigai”. For example, they can make great efforts in order to get promoted or get a great test result.

Relationships Some people can find “ikigai” in human connections with their family, friends, or other important people around them. For example, they can feel like “my kids are my life” and “life is so much better with you.”

If you haven’t found your “ikigai” yet, please try to find something you can enjoy or make an effort for. You might find “ikigai” simply in the activity or experience!

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