Kimono and Yukata

A Kimono is a well-known Japanese traditional costume. These days more Japanese people wear kimono only on special occasions like weddings, parties, funerals and so on. Why? Because it is not easy to wear a Kimono by yourself without experience or knowledge - normally people hire a “kitsuke-shi” who specializes in dressing people in their kimono. But if you want to learn how to put on kimono by yourself, you can easily find learning videos and courses for kimono beginners.

On the other hand, “yukata” which is a casual kimono made of cotton, is much easier to wear, much cheaper, and can often look very stylish. That’s why people of all ages often wear “yukata” when going to firework display events in summer. Also,*some souvenir shops sell yukata for visitors to try on, and some “ryokan” Japanese traditional inns provide yukata for customers to wear there. (*the souvenir shops often display yukata as “kimono”, because kimono are well-known around the world.)

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