Stay Home and Enjoy Fitness! “Yoga x Kanji”


It goes without saying, exercise is a key factor for a healthy life! In particular, when we need to stay home due to a pandemic situation, we should try indoor fitness, right? For example, yoga is one of the most popular indoor fitness practices. As you might know, yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India - stretching exercises to build flexibility and relax the body. There are many yoga poses from beginners up to experienced practitioners!

Now, I would like to introduce , Nobue Suzuki, a yoga instructor who displays “yoga poses” as a part of Kanji learning - Let’s take a look at some of her original work on *her official website! (

As you can see, she is very creative!

You can find more on her website (blog page) and instagram.

We believe you can learn Kanji on “1-Day 1-Kanji Challenge” (JAPANASU instagram) first, and then enjoy her work even more.

Let’s stay home, exercise safely and learn Japanese in a fun way!

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