User Guide

Welcome to the Japanasu User Guide! This guide will get you started using the many features that the Japanasu website offers. 

The best place to start is to take one of our courses.

Step 1 - Click on Learning Centre​ > Courses
Step 2 - Select the course that suits your level of Japanese. 

(We suggest you start with INTRODUCTION if you are a beginner.)

Step 3 - Click the START button on Lesson 1

Step 4 - Watch the video! 
Step 5 - Click the vocabulary link (bottom of page) when asked in the video, to see relevant vocabulary.
Step 6 - Click the Mark Complete button once you have finished the lesson.
Step 7 - Click the Season 01 - Index button to go back to the course page.

Step 8 - As you can see, the lesson now has a Tick Mark next to it (because you clicked Mark Complete)
Step 9 - Continue to take the lessons in order
Step 10 - Assessments are used every few lessons to help you remember everything you have learnt. Make sure you click Mark Complete once you have passed the assessment.

Step 11 - Continue to take all the lessons and assessments all the way to the end.
Step 12 - Once you have finished the Review lesson at the end, the Course is complete! Congratulations! You can now start on the next course.